Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Literacy and the 21st Century Classroom

     I think literacy has changed a great deal for the 21st century classroom.  Students are now able to carry literally millions of books in their hands just by having a tablet.  Whereas previously they would be using print media and would not have the ability to easily carry that amount of books.  When given the option most students even prefer to read on a tablet or electronic device over print media.  Because of this technology in my opinion has made it more accessible and easier for students to not only find stories that they enjoy but also tools that can aid in improving their reading skills.  They can do this through various apps or even have the ability to have the story read to them through their tablet or electronic device.  Because of the growth of technology teachers now have a variety of ways to track student literacy and use the data to help the students with problematic areas.  When using these types of literacy programs it will often tailor the lessons or activities to help boost the students’ problematic areas.  This is amazing because we all know how children learn differently and this helps individualize their learning. This is so important because like Anderson, Grant and Speck (2008) say, “Computers are common in the workplace and in homes, and increasing technology in schools is essential for preparing students for the digital future” (p. 6).  Since these are all common place and technology is constantly changing and evolving it is important to us as teachers that we continue to change and evolve our classrooms to meet the needs of our students.

 Anderson, R. S., Grant, M. M., & Speck, B. W. (2008). Technology to teach literacy: a resource for K-8 teachers. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Merrill Prentice Hall.


  1. RE: "Students are now able to carry literally millions of books in their hands just by having a tablet."

    This was life changing for me. I was an early adopter of the Kindle back in 2007. I travel a great deal and being able to take as many books as I need on a trip is quite amazing. When Kindle first came out and I would be reading in an airport or on a plane, I was constantly interrupted. I spent more time explaining the device than reading! In just 10 short years, Kindles and other tablets and e-readers are everywhere. Kindle Fires are now disposable devices. My grandchildren get about a year out of one, then the battery no longer holds a charge. It is cheaper to buy a new one than to replace the battery. One year olds can use the device to view their favorite books and apps. When my 3-year old granddaughter asks for my wifi password when she comes to visit, clearly the world and literacy has changed!

    Dr. Dell

  2. I find it amazing how technology has transformed today's classroom. I have never imagined being able to access a plethora of books electronically let alone access them anytime, anywhere. Growing up, the only way I was able to access a variety of books was via a library and as you stated if you wanted to checkout multiple books, it would be hard to carry and could get heavy. Also, I find it amazing how technology is constantly advancing. It's constant changes can be overwhelming and intimidating. However, I am grateful for networks such as Personal Learning Communities that can help teachers stay current, ask questions, and collaborate with other teachers.

  3. I agree the introduction of the Kindle has allowed so many students to be able to find a love of reading. A few years ago there was a student in my class who had a very low reading level and had been diagnosed dyslexic. She struggled to read and hated library, so my coteacher brought in her Kindle and allowed the student to find a book on there that would be able to read to her and highlight the words as it read them. She quickly found a love for books and was later always found with that kindle in her possession. It was a great device for her that opened her world!