Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Twitter Chat
This week I participated in the #teachchat.  I really liked the overall set up of this chat.  The moderator would ask questions and give us time to respond and then we would talk a little about the responses.  Everyone was very friendly and welcoming which made it even better.  I found this chat by looking on the website  I clicked on Wednesday on the website after realizing I missed one that I was going to do tonight by an hour.  I felt like everyone gave great feedback to the questions asked and gave me great ideas and feedback to use with my students.  I did not follow anyone from the twitter chat but now I am currently following some of the people I met in the chat.  I think the biggest thing that I found challenging was to remember to type in the hashtag.  I set up a specific column in tweetdeck with the #teachchat hashtag.  After doing this I didn't realize you still had to type in the hashtag everytime.  Even after I got situated I always felt like I forgot to type in the hashtag when I was finished with my tweet.  I think the only thing that could have been done would be on tweetdecks end.  I think there should be a way you so you don't have to type in the hashtag everytime.  Also I can't ever paste anything that I've copied into my tweets when using tweetdeck.  When I use twitter to paste a link or something I have no problems.  Overall I felt that this was a great experience and plan on doing this again especially with the #teachchat.


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your first Twitter chat. You should try to use next time. When you reply to the Twitter chat you don't have to retype the hashtag every time.

  2. Hi Eric!

    Thanks so much for joining us tonight for #TeachChat! Gina beat me to it in recommending TweetChat. It automatically adds the hashtag for you and makes it easier to follow the chat. There are step-by-step directions, as well as the schedule for upcoming #TeachChats here:

    Hope to see you again at the next chat!

    Kind regards,
    Brandi Jordan

    Moderator of #TeachChat powered by Really Good Stuff