Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tweet Tweet

To start please follow me on twitter @esum24.  I was always curious about twitter before I took this class.  A few of my friends had it and always tried to get me to sign up.  I never did because I was never really new what twitter was or did.  So I signed up for it.  Now that I've signed up for it and use it I understand while people like it so much.  It makes finding information on things that interest you extremely quick.  You can also get peoples input on things that you may tweet quickly as well. 

I'm so glad that I started using twitter.  By following other special education teachers, education websites and journals I am now able to get ideas for school all the time.  I've already found a website that heatherie73 tweeted earlier in the week.  It was the do nothing for 2 minutes website.  I really liked this and will be using it within the next few weeks.  I think this is an extremely useful website for any teacher who has students that are getting ready to start MAP testing.  Those students get extremely stressed at all the testing things that we throw at them daily.  I think something like that website can help get our students to be less stressed.

The book gave me lots of good ideas on how to integrate twitter in the classroom.  I like how Solomon and Schrum say how we can use twitter as a tool to help remind students about homework, and field trips.  One advantage of doing this is that students or teachers do not have to supply their phone numbers.  I am so happy that I have read more about twitter and am now using it.  I never saw how twitter could be used as such a good teaching and informative tool.  I look forward on continuing my tweeting! 


  1. Welcome to the Twitterverse! Glad to hear you already found a helpful resource from Heather's tweets.

  2. Hi Eric,

    It sounds as though you were just as reluctant as I was about using Twitter. I just promised myself I wouldn't get involved with too many social networks...I'm already using Facebook. However, that's 95% fun & 5% structured.

    I'm enjoying Twitter so far. I'm still obviously finding ways to utilize it and trying to establish a solid PLN.
    Thanks for the link to "do nothing for 2 minutes". I will definitely use that one for my classes, and maybe not just during MAP testing. Sometimes they are wound up just because they are middle school students and just need to calm down so the learning process can take place.

    I have to admit I'm sort of excited about what I'm going to learn from using Twitter.